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One of the perks of managing your own hours is that I get to watch a lot of soccer and other stuff. For example yesterday I watched the house of commons debate on Britains last possible Brexit deal and it was awesome!

I felt like viewing another soccer match, or football as the Brits like to call it, between 2 clubs at the bottom of the table. Both teams were fighting to stay in the race. Both were bound to fail.

Watching them utterly and painfully draw was even more grievous for a third team that was now all played out. That team was in favour of this deal. The other two were either for an extension of the negotiation period or a hard Brexit.

So why did I enjoy a match that had nothing but losers? Not because I’m from a team that’s closer to the top of the tables, but because I saw hope. Hope for more honesty in one of Europe’s real democracies, because several representatives were calling for a second referendum. They were all greated with cheers and applaus.

This final referendum would, to their believes, rightfully overturn that appalling first one. That first, rather sickening referendum, kidnapped by populists like Boris Jonson and other right winged fanatics. Politicians who were made for oversimplifying things for people so old they were probably dead by now.

Despite what’s being said in media throughout The Netherlands I am pretty sure we’re going to see that second referendum. Although the 391 representatives that voted AGAINST Mays deal are deeply divided. Almost none of the 242 who voted FOR the deal will vote for a No Deal today (13-03-2019).

I don’t only think there will be a second referendum. I also really hope so. We’d have front row tickets to watching neat British dinner tables being torn apart in utter despair. Imagine the American elections but with sentences like

“I would sincerely like to thank the right honourable gentleman to my left for that rather eccentric way of explaining something which is much more powerful when presented in an orderly fashion, my point being…”


Now imagine that sentence again but this time with a Scottish accent or in proper Welsh! Wouldn’t that be amazing? I have an interview for a regular job soon and I’ve told them I haven’t planned any holidays, or a vacation as they like to call it in that formerly grand nation. I might have to watch some house of commons debates in my new office though. Those matches are amazing!!

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