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– As a starting employee at energy company Vandebron
I’m writing about my experiences working for
the coolest company in the Netherlands –

It’s my second week as a member of Vandebron’s Backoffice squad. This team tries to solve the difficulties our customers run into. I’d love to say that we don’t have anything to do, but that’s not true.

Although I seriously believe that all of my co-workers are trying their very best to give our customers what they need, growing as fast as we did, took it’s toll on their experiences. This means we can’t send everyone personalised emails anymore which is probably quite normal for companies with over 180.000 customers, but I’d still like to sometimes.

Luckily most of our customers chose us because of our shared interest in making our planet just a little bit better instead of my friendly choise of words and possible puns.

Speaking of standardisations, Vandebron works with something called Impraise. I now know that Impraise is a beautiful tool with which you can highlight your colleague’s awesome and less awesome qualities. But when I first heard about it, my brain changed it into a standardized high school popularity contest, because I was a bit afraid.

I thought back to when one of my classmates sprayed water over the crotch of his pants during chemistry, or maybe it was me; my point is that the cold water faucet is on the wrong side!

Prasad Postma Vandebron

That wet teenager tried to explain his mistake with a rant that went something like: “80% of all people are right handed and you mostly have something in your right hand, like soap or an erlenmeyer flask, while using the cold water. This makes it awkward to use ‘the cold side’ since you have to move your left hand across the water!”

With an epic angry face, this guy then looked around his classroom. He knew his fellow students didn’t dare laugh, for his words were somewhat feared back then.

Coming back from my daydream, sitting at my desk at Vandebron I started thinking about all the people who used the warm water for quick splashes of cold. How much gas could have been saved if someone on the team that designed that very first valve would have said something about ‘this obvious design flaw’.

Would me or my colleagues at Vandebron react smarter if we saw someone who outranked us make a professional blunder? Would we start ranting if we came out of the kitchen with a wet spot?

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is erlenmeyer-fles-512x512.jpg

I wish I could answer these questions with a subsequent YES and a NOOO, but I really don’t know. We still have some high school like elements in my team and I’m pretty sure I’m one of them.

I hope I’d be able to properly ventilate my concerns though. I hope I wouldn’t laugh, scream and/or go too far in any other way.

If I did, that person better tell me this to my face, instead of waiting for a fucking Impraise!

I’m probably overreacting. Maybe I just have to learn to deal with my struggles becoming and acting like an adult. Maybe I’m not the asocial bully I used to be, or maybe I never was. Maybe we should all just try to keep our pants clean and our heads straight.

I’m certain that I’m unsure about all of this, including that faucet thing, excluding the believe that we really try to do our very best at Vandebron. I’m sure that I’m done hiding my mistakes though.

Follow my blog as I keep messing up, while getting better at solving problems for the energy company that is most genuinely trying hardest to keep her employees and customers happy.

Ps. My team captain just told me that I don’t work here long enough to do that Impraise-thing, which actually makes a lot of sense. I am very curious about what it is though and about what it might teach me.

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